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Hi Everyone!
A couple weeks ago I created a YouTube channel! So far I have only posted my speed paint videos but I hope to do a variety of different videos in the future.
For a long time I have always admired digital art.  I have wanted to try it but I didn't have a stylus and the art I drew with my finger didn't turn out the way I wanted.  Recently, I purchased Pencil by 53 which is a stylus shaped like a carpenters pencil.  I really like it! It took me a few days to get used to it but now I am really liking how my art is turning out on my iPad mini.
I use the app Procreate to draw with.  I like that it automatically records and speeds up the video after you save it! 
The link to my YouTube channel is listed below so check it out and subscribe if you like!

My YouTube Channel
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Hi everyone! 
I just finished Donita K. Paul's book DragonSpell today and thought I would tell y'all about it and give a review! 
This is the first book of a five book fantasy series called The DragonKeeper Chronicles.

The story begins with a slave girl named Kale when she finds a dragon egg and gets sent to The Hall but on her way gets kidnapped by Grawlings (Grawlings are like trolls) She then escapes the Grawlings.  While being pursued by them she get's rescued by Leetu and Dar who were sent by The Hall and would aid her in her quest.  Her quest is to rescue a dragon Meech egg from Risto (Risto represents the Devil) 
On their way to find Wizard Fenworth in the Bogs Leetu gets kidnapped by one of Risto's low races: Mordakleeps, and is taken deep into Risto's fortress.  
Dar and Kale (with help from the Kimens) rescue Leetu from her captives and take her to Lee Ark's farm home for Leetu to heal.  Also more people came with them on their quest.
When Leetu healed they went and found Wizard Fenworth and made their way to the center of a mountain to find the Meech egg.  While they are in the mountain Kale gets separated from the questing party and the rest get taken prisoner by Risto's henchmen.  Meanwhile Kale finds the Meech egg and rescues the questing party only to loose her cape with her Minor dragons in it along with the Meech egg down a huge chasm.  They are then taken to an O'rant village and taken care of until Spring when Kale sets out to find her Minor dragons and the Meech egg.  She finds them and gives the Meech egg to Wizard Fenworth and they all go back to their homes. 

There is plenty more that happened in the book but this is the highlights that tells what the story is without giving you guys too many spoilers.  

I really enjoyed this story and can't wait until I get the next book! 

My top three favorite characters were Dar, Kale, and Wizard Fenworth. 

The good moral of the story was Kale learning about Paladin (Paladin represents Jesus) and Wulder (Wulder represents God) She accepts Paladin as her savior and throughout the book learns to be his servant. 

My favorite part was when Kale got saved and felt the joy Wulder (God) can give. I had a bunch more favorite parts that included Wizard Fenworth and Dar but this is my all time favorite part for this book.

DragonSpell had an amazing story and I recommend it for all ages.  If you have read this book feel free to tell your favorite parts and favorite characters in the comments!


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Hey all! 

So today I thought I would share some of my favorite tunes.  I really enjoy Christian pop music and the electronic feel.

There is so much bad music out there.  Especially in the pop section.  I mean most of the songs I would really like if the lyrics weren't junk. Anyway I think several artists I listed below deliver the ''Pop" and electronic sound while incorporating God's word and uplifting lyrics.

A couple years back some friends suggested Beckah Shae and Britt Nicole's songs and I love them! I also really like Group 1 Crew's music.  I definitely suggest checking out these three pop artists if you haven't already! 

If I listed all of the songs I like this page would go on forever so here are a few of my favorite Christian songs:

Everyday Is a Miracle (feat. Rachael Lampa) By Group 1 Crew. This is my favorite out of their songs.
Dangerous By Group 1 Crew. This song has a dubstep feel to it.
His Kind of Love By Group 1 Crew.  I also really like Capital King's remix of this song.  Any of Group 1 Crew's songs are amazing!

Here In This Moment by Beckah Shae.
Incorruptible by Beckah Shae. 
Worth Waiting For by Beckah Shae.

Write Your Story by Francesca Battistelli

Favorite Song (feat. Jamie Grace) by TobyMac

Gold (Jason Nevins Rhythmic Radio) Remix by Britt Nicole.  Britt released a new album of remixes recently! I really like them.
The Lost Get Found by Britt Nicole. I also like the remixed version.

Kings & Queens by Audio Adrenaline 

Start A Fire by Unspoken

Every Bit Of Lovely by Jamie Grace.  Jamie is also one of my favorite artists.  I recommend checking her music out!

Also check out any of Celtic Woman's songs.  They are amazing! I grew up listening to their music and have always loved them!

Thanks for reading! I hope you found some songs you like!

<![CDATA[´╗┐Sweater Weather Tag]]>Sat, 29 Nov 2014 03:21:53 GMThttp://daughterofthehighkingofkings.weebly.com/educational-and-more/sweater-weather-tag
1.  Favorite candle scent?
My favorite candle scent would be a vanilla scent or something sweet smelling.  My family doesn't really light candles that much but we do alot of essential oils in the diffuser to make the house smell good.

2.  Coffee, Tea, of Hot Chocolate?
Definitely hot chocolate! I do like ginger tea alot also though. 

3.  Do you switch up your make up routine for the season?
I don't wear any make-up but I do wear foundation sometimes.  

4.  Favorite Thanksgiving Food?
My favorite Thanksgiving food...  This is a hard one since I like almost all the food at Thanksgiving but my favorite is my Nana's chicken and dumplings.

5.  Hats or Scarfs?
Hats.  I like to wear stocking caps or beanies in the Fall.  I have some scarves but I don't really wear them all that much.

6.  Most worn sweater?
My most worn sweater is a NOTW jacket.  It is black and has a verse from the bible on the back.  It is a little over sized for me but it being over sized makes it really comfy.

7.  Must have Fall nail polish?
Well I haven't been wearing very much nail polish lately but I have been wearing some Jamberry Nail Wraps that I love.  My favorite one is the Mint Green Chevron.  It isn't very "fall-y" but that's what I've been wearing. Click here for the link

8.  Football games or jumping in a pile of leaves?
Definitely jumping in a pile of leaves!

9.  Skinny jeans or leggings?
I prefer skinny jeans over leggings most of the time.  But leggings are comfy for lounging around the house on cold days.

10.  Boots or Uggs?
I have never owned a pair of Ugg boots.  Living on a ranch requires shoes that can go through the mud and not have to worry about getting them dirty so I would choose my cowgirl boots.

11.  What is your #1 favorite thing about Fall?
My favorite things about fall are all the different colored leaves and the cooler weather being our summer is literally like a huge oven, most of the time the temperature gets in the triple digits.

12.  Do you have a song that gets you in the Fall mood or just a song you're loving at the moment?
The song Compass by Lady Antebellum kind of gets me in the Fall mood.  A song I am loving at the moment is That's How You Change The World by Newsboys. 
13.  What is the Fall weather like where you currently live?
The Fall weather is nice at the moment, the temperature varies from the lower 20s to to the upper 60s. We got lucky this year and had over a month of Fall weather! The last couple years we have just had about two weeks of Fall and then it would be single digit temperatures and horrible wind.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thank you for reading, I had a lot of fun writing this tag and hope you enjoyed it!
<![CDATA[Photo Editing App Review]]>Sat, 04 Oct 2014 04:46:18 GMThttp://daughterofthehighkingofkings.weebly.com/educational-and-more/photo-editing-app-review
I use photo editing apps on my iPad quite a lot for my blog posts and thought I would review two of my favorites.  

I mainly use PicLab HD and Aviary to edit my pictures.  

I favor PicLab over my other editing apps because it has many different fonts and colors for your text, it has awesome stickers, and pretty filters.
I really like their "Artwork" (stickers) They have arrows (as well as archery arrows), hearts, curly Q's, banners and ribbons, and more.  My favorite pack is the Hand Sketched Designers Kit.  It has a lot of curly Q's, leaves, bursts and other interesting things you could put under your text or on the corners of your photo.  
The filters are very pretty, two of my favorites are Vegas and Nevada.  
The only thing I wish it had was the option to blur parts of your photo, where as Aviary doesn't have as much fonts and colors for your text it does have the ability to slide your finger where you want the blurred part to be.  

I would definitely recommend getting PicLab HD, it's easy to use and I love the outcome of my photos when I am done editing.

PicLab's Features:
Text, Artwork (cool stickers such as: banners, hand drawn looking decal stickers, autumn stickers, laurels and wreaths, happy birthday stickers, shapes, and others! Note that some are available for in-app purchases), add in more photos, Moods (a different set of filters that the actual "filter" file doesn't have.), More filters, effects (brightness, contrast, blur, exposure, and saturation), frames, crop, and orientation.  

You can also share your edited photo to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messages, and other apps through the PicLab HD app.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the easiest to maneuver, I think this app is pretty easy once you get used to where everything is, I give it a 2!

Aviary is my second favorite editing app, it is probably one of the easiest ones that I use in my possession.  
It has some pretty good filters, they have some really pretty ones but you have to buy them.  
One of my two favorite features of this app is its blurring and focus adjustment.  It's really easy to swipe your finger wherever you want it to be blurred.  The focus adjustment is super easy it also comes in a circle shape as well as a rectangle.  
Another feature it has is the meme feature.  I have never used it but I see a lot of photos with memes on them. 

They have 10 fonts you can choose from, as well as 22 colors.  
It has some nice stickers too, some of them are cartoony and some not so much.  I like the Postmark sticker pack the most.  It has a vintage look.
It also has a ton of frames you can add in.  

I would recommend getting this app if you would like a less complex editor. 

Aviary's Features
Enhance, effects, frames, stickers (some are available for in-app purchases), orientation, focus, crop, adjust, sharpness, splash (splash is when they turn the photo to B&W and wherever your finger swipes is where it returns the color to the photo.), draw, text, red eye reduction, lighten, blur, blemish, and meme.  

You can also share your edited photo to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messages, Email, and other apps through the Aviary app.

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the easiest to maneuver.  It doesn't take long to figure out how everything works, I give it a 1!

Thank you for reading this app review! 
Until next time!

<![CDATA[Miniature Monsters On The Prairie! (Horned Lizards)]]>Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:49:03 GMThttp://daughterofthehighkingofkings.weebly.com/educational-and-more/horned-lizards
Horned lizards are my favorite kind of lizard!  I am interested in these tiny reptiles because where we live they are running around all over the place.  We find them in our yard, by the barn and in the pasture.  They are here because we have a lot of red ants.  August and September are one of the best months for me because we see a lot of the baby horned lizards in these months! They are so cute and little!  Sometimes you can put one on its back and rub its belly.  They really like it.  My sister and I have a ton of fun catching and letting them go! One time we caught 6 of the little bitty ones.  They were as big as dimes.  Since we have been seeing them a lot lately I thought I would share some facts about them.

Because of their resemblance to toads in body color and shape people often call these lizards "Horny Toads" or "Horned Toads" but they are far from being related to toads, they are a type of lizard.

Horned lizards are named for the unusual horns on the back of their head and the smaller horns scattered all over their back.   These "horns" are not made of bones but actually are specialized body scales made to protect the lizard from predators.  They also help to break up the outline of the lizard to camouflage better and make it hard for some predators swallow it. 
In size an adult Texas horned lizard can reach up to 4 to 6 inches in length.  Females tend to be slightly bigger than the males, but is not very noticeable on sight. 

The horned lizards diet consists of red ants (or harvester ants) The red ants take up 90% of their diet! Thank goodness we have a ton of red ants.  The other 10% is beetles, spiders, and a variety of other ground dwelling bugs.  These relatively large ants live in prairies, woodland margins and shrublands with abundant grasses and forbs.  The horned lizard will lay motionless by ant trails waiting for an ant to come by. When the ant comes the horned lizard moves forward and flicks out it's tongue, swallowing the ant whole.  Some observations have shown that horned lizards may eat as many as 70 ants a day! Horned lizards usually attack solitary ants several yards away from the red ant colony, avoiding the colony's center where they would be mobbed by droves of biting ants.  Horned lizards obtain most of the water they need from the ants they eat or from the dew of the vegetation.  During light rains the horned lizard may arch it's back causing the water that had collected on it's back to move towards it's mouth.

The horned lizards go into hibernation in October burrowing under the ground.  They emerge between March and mid-April.  Courtship and mating take place in late May and June.  Courtship consists of rapid head bopping by the male, which is followed by head nodding from the female.
When the female lays her eggs she digs a tunnel into the ground.  She then lays a clutch of 8 to 30 eggs, the size and shape of jelly beans.  After laying her eggs the female places dirt back into the tunnel and scratches around the entrance to hide it.   The female provides no further care for the eggs or the young.  The eggs incubate for about 2 months, then hatch in August or September.  When they hatch they are miniature versions of the adult horned lizards.  They are very small. 

Check this website out for more information about Horned Lizards.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!  
-Daughter of the High King of Kings
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Over the last eleven months I have been involved in a movie making program that helps you learn all the twists and turns about film making called
Sneak on the Lot.
You can talk to other kids in the Sneak on the Lot chat. I recently joined a production company called Dream Voyage.  We have all had to learn how to communicate through Sneak on the Lot and through email. We all live in different places making a film together proves to be a challenge. Thank goodness we have scanners and email. 
My part in the production company is to storyboard. Another girl and I share that role.  

There are also Administrators on there that make sure there is no 
cyber bullying, bad words, or anything else that is not polite.
The Administrators are REAL people, not computers. They are super nice and help you with whatever they can. (The blue stars mean they are Administrators)
If you see a user with a gold star it means they have reached a certain level in a criteria.

This is one of the Administrators Good.Speak.Out but we call her GSO for short

Sneak on the Lot has a movie making curriculum. It has tutorials on all aspects of film making. It gave me an idea of what my interests in film making are and I learned how to storyboard, get better lighting, and create suspense.

It has a video game feel to the graphics. All the backgrounds and avatars are hand drawn by Darrin Fletcher (known as Fletch on Sneak on the Lot)

They have a lot of the things you might need to make a film. For example: They have sound effects and music you can download.  Did I mention that all music and sound effects are copyright free?  (You have to buy music and sound effects with Prestige, Prestige is the money you earn in the game)

You can upload the films that you have made and review other member's films. You get reviews on your films, the members give a lot of advice, constructive critique, and what they like about your film.


   A storyboard artist is a person that draws out scenes in a movie.

- Storyboarding is not a necessity but it does make pre-production more organized and go smoother.  

- Storyboarding is almost like making a comic book.  Only all of our  panels are the same size.  

- The director or whoever made the script gives you a scene description or sometimes you just read the script itself and make the storyboard from that.

- You do NOT have to be good at drawing to make storyboards.  You could even draw stick figures. Just as long as your crew can understand what is happening in the shot.

- Shots/Angles are not that hard to draw as soon as you get the hang of it. Here is a link to a guide that I find helpful when making storyboards.
There are also some different shots/angles, you can just Google "Storyboard Angle Guide" and there are loads of stuff that help with that. 

This is one of my story boards

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you have learned a thing or two.
Here is the link to go to Sneak on the Lot

-Daughter of the High King of Kings (known as Penny on Sneak on the Lot)

<![CDATA[Photography of My Pretty Boy]]>Mon, 11 Aug 2014 02:52:41 GMThttp://daughterofthehighkingofkings.weebly.com/educational-and-more/photography-of-my-pretty-boyHey ya'll! So I was looking through my photos and wanted to show some pictures of my furry guy! 
He just went swimming! :)
He's on a hay bale! 
I think he makes these faces on purpose! And no, that is not a hair on his tongue :P Somebody photo bombed with her paw!!
He LOVES getting his picture taken!!! Does anyone have some tips for getting good dog pictures? I like these but they are all starting to look the same... 
Feel free to share my pictures and to comment! I love to hear from you guys!!! >^.^<
-Daughter of the High King of Kings
<![CDATA[Cork Pendants]]>Sun, 06 Jul 2014 03:00:50 GMThttp://daughterofthehighkingofkings.weebly.com/educational-and-more/cork-pendantsHello my peeps!

So Pink Einstein and I are doing another collaboration! Click here for her blog! Today we are making Cork Pendants! They are super easy and so cute! Let's get started!
*****!!!Adult super vision is highly recommended!!!***** 
The Supplies You Will Need:
Mod Podge (or clear glue)
Paint Brush
Scissors (you may also need some wire cutters if your scissors are dull)
Thin Wire (We used floral wire, it's easy to manipulate and cut) 
Scrap Booking Paper
                                                                  Optional Supplies:
                                                                  Permanent Markers
(you could even put some glow in the dark acrylic paint on them for summer night fun!!)

1.  So, first off get a cork & a knife and slice pieces of the cork off (cut however thick you would like your pendant to be) 
2.  Get a piece of thin wire
3.  Bend your wire in half
4.  Twist the top half of your wire but leave a little bit at the very top so you have a loop for your necklace chain.
5.  Take your scissors or wire cutters and snip the ends of the wire up by the twists.  And then crimp the ends together (the twists help make sure your pendant won't fall of.  It's also is easier to poke into the cork)
6.  Take your cork piece and your pliers and push your wire loop into the round side of the cork piece.   
7.  Get your cork piece and trace it onto the scrap booking paper to make a circle
8.  Cut out the circle & Mod Podge or glue the circle on the cork.  Once you have done that put a glaze of Mod Podge or glue on top of the circle to seal it in and make it have a nice shine!
And your done! Pretty easy right? You could even fancy it up and put some rhinestones, glitter, anything really!! Thank you for looking at this collaboration craft! Don't forget to check out Pink Einstein's blog here!
-Daughter of the King >^.^<